Photo: Gas prices across Fort St. John have risen eight cents in the last 24 hours./Kimberley Molina


Six dollars an imperial gallon or five dollars a US gallon is now a cross-city reality in Fort St. John.

The filling stations that were not on board yesterday are all on board now and the common posted price for a regular litre is up eight cents to 131.9 cents per litre.

Fuelled by speculation that the unrest in Libya will spread to other oil producing countries in North Africa and the Middle East – especially Saudi Arabia and Iran – the price of crude oil jumped Thursday to more than USD $106per barrel.

That price jumped even more Friday morning, trading at USD $107.19 per barrel.

In addition, there’s now speculation it could go as high as 150 dollars a barrel.

The monitor had the provincial average this morning at  $129.4 per litre and the national average, $123.4. Both continue to represent year-over year increases of 20 cents or more a litre.