In early May, the Prince George-Peace River riding will have a new representative in parliament for the first time in nearly two decades.

The riding has been without an elected representative in Ottawa since Oct. 25 when former Conservative MP and Government House Leader Jay Hill resigned.

The federal Conservative government has officially been brought down on a contempt motion put forward by the Liberals.

The motion, which stated the House no longer had confidence in the Harper government, passed 156-145.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is set to meet with the Governor General on Saturday morning to ask him to dissolve parliament.

Harper is expected to choose either May 2 or 9 as the date of the fourth general election in less than seven years.

Three parties have already nominated their official candidates in the local riding. Bob Zimmer will be running for the Conservatives, Lois Boone for the NDP and Hilary Crowley for the Green Party.

The Liberals are expected to nominate a candidate for the riding on Monday. Barring a last minute candidacy, Prince George lawyer Ben Levine will win the nomination by acclamation.