ICBC invests in road safety measures


ICBC has invested more than $100,000 on several road safety improvements over the past year in Fort St. John and Fort Nelson.

One of the publicly run insurance company’s largest undertakings in the area included the installation of rumble strips along Highway 97 near Fort St. John. The strips alert drivers if their vehicle is travelling over the edge of the road.

In Fort Nelson, rumble strips were also installed along Highway 77 – Liard River Road last year.

The other projects that are being implemented within Fort St. John are all in conjunction with the City. The projects include both intersection and pedestrian safety improvements.

At 100Ave. and 102 St, ICBC installed an eastbound advanced left turn signal. As well, on 100 Ave. at both 79 and 119 Sts., ICBC has installed solar powered flashing red lights on top of the stop signs at those respective intersections. The red lights are designed to make the stop signs more visible to drivers.

ICBC officials also say they are in the process of implementing pedestrian safety improvements at 100 Ave. at 104 St. and 96 Ave. at 96 St. These intersections will include pedestrian-controlled crosswalks. Whenever a pedestrian presses the button to cross the street, an overhead light will flash amber to alert drivers.

The improvements are part of nearly $10 million in projects ICBC has invested in across B.C. in 2010. ICBC officials say the road improvements that are made will save customers money due to a decrease in collisions across the province.

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