An interesting twist has developed in the Savage Cup tournament.

Thursday, it was discovered that the Pentiction Vees had submitted their roster and played their first game, with an ineligible player on their team.

As a result, Pentiction has been disqualified from this year’s Savage Cup, leaving only the Fort St. John Flyers and Prince George Mohawks left to compete.

The Vees were scheduled to play the Flyers Thursday evening and that game has been cancelled.

The tournament will now switch formats, where the Flyers and the Mohawks will play each other Friday and Saturday evening, with the team who scores the most goals being declared the winner of the tournament.

Tickets for Thursday’s game will be refunded Thursday evening at the North Peace Arena between seven and eight, or during Friday’s game. Tickets for Friday and Saturday’s games are still valid and tickets for Thursday’s game can be used to attend the game on Friday.

Accoring to Grant Williams, Coach and Manager of the Prince George Mohawks, the team will have a full roster for Friday and Saturday. Prince George is expecting eight more players added to their roster, which should make for a much more competitive game.

The first game between the Mohawks and Flyers will take place Friday at 8 p.m.