In an effort to encourage more people to recycle and to stop garbage from falling off vehicles on their way to the dump, the Peace River Regional District has amended two of its solid waste bylaws.

If residents bring an unsecured solid waste load to one of the landfills, they will be charged double the regular fee, says Jeff Rahn, the District’s manager of Solid Waste Services.

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The new fees and regulations come into effect on April 1.

Rahn says that residents will be given a one month’s grace period on any penalties but that starting on May 1, all penalties will apply.

The bylaw states that an unsecured load is a “shipment of solid waste in or on a vehicle that is not covered with a tarp, inside an enclosed vehicle or otherwise secured or tied down…” such that the solid waste material will not fall off or leak from the vehicle.

Landfill fees will also be increasing. Two of the key increases include household waste, which will rise from $35 per tonne to $40 per tonne and a vehicle that enters the dump with more than 25 per cent of commercially generated Old Corrugated Cardboard will soon be charged $150 per tonne. Those fees will also further increase to $45 and $200 per tonne, respectively on April 1, 2012.

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The Regional District currently operates three sub regional landfills and 39 waste transfer stations.

A copy of both bylaws can be seen below.