Photo: (From left) Acting Mayor Dan Davies, B.C. Transity COO Mike Davis and North Peace MLA Pat Pimm celebrated B.C. Transit’s thirtieth anniversary in the Fort St. John./Kimberley Molina


B.C. Transit is celebrating a 30-year service milestone in Fort St. John.

The transit system in B.C. is unique in comparison to the rest of Canada, says B.C. Transit Chief Operating Officer Mike Davis. Davis says the province aids individual communities with nearly half of the cost of providing transit. He also says that B.C. transit has 81 transit agreements in 58 different communities across the province.

The transit authority carried more than 130,000 passengers last year. Davis attributes the ridership increase to a change in the bus routes, as well as an increased awareness of the transit system.

North Peace MLA Pat Pimm says despite the increase in ridership, he still feels the system is underutilized.

Acting Mayor Dan Davies says one of the ways the City is trying to increase transit awareness is through the “Music that Moves You” program. The program allows residents to ride the bus for free on certain days of the year, while local musicians perform.

The transit system in Fort St. John began in 1981 with three buses at a time when residents only had to pay 40 cents per ride. Since then, the fleet has increased by two buses and the fare has increased to $1.50 for an adult.

B.C. Transit also began offering handyDart service in 1996, which provides door-to-door transit for residents with mobility issues.