UPDATE  As of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, the station is up and running.

Less than a week after the Fort St. John waste transfer station was closed for more than 24 hours due to problems with the station’s computer system, the station has been closed once again.

The problem appears to be computer-related, says Jeremy Garner, the City’s utilities superintendent.

The transfer station has been closed since late Tuesday afternoon.

The 24-hour transfer station is the only one in the area and last week’s closure caused problems for at least one company that removes waste from rural resident’s septic tanks.

Garry Brimacomde told Energeticcity.ca that he had clients that could not use their washrooms because their tanks were full.

Garner told Energeticcity.ca last week that the City has to close the station whenever the computers malfunction since it has to be able to monitor what goes into it.

Garner says the City will hopefully have the computer system up and running again by late Wednesday afternoon.