B.C. Hydro will be presenting its long-term energy plan to the public throughout March.

The power authority will be hosting twelve open houses at various locations across the province. It will be allowing the public the chance to express their opinions and concerns regarding the future of the province’s electricity.

B.C. Hydro representatives will be in Fort St. John on Thursday, March 24. The open house will be taking place at the Quality Inn Northern Grand, from 6 until 9 p.m.

Hydro officials say the opinions the company gathers will be reviewed as it develops its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). The IRP is a 20-year plan that will examine how to satisfy the province’s growing demand for electricity.

The open house will include discussions regarding additional electricity conservation and efficiency issues, new clean energy options and methods to deliver new electricity loads to high-user areas.

Cam Matheson, executive director of Integrated Resource Planning for B.C. Hydro, says “a powerful, long term vision is essential to our province’s future and we want our customers to have direct input as we plan to meet the needs for future generations.”

Anyone who is interested in attending but cannot make it to the event is able to submit feedback online at B.C. Hydro’s website or by emailing integrated.resource.planning@bchydro.com