Fort St. John City Council has been given an update regarding the prospective upgrades being done to the Kid’s Arena.

At Monday’s council meeting, the City was given information regarding how the $500,000 portion of the Capital Budget, designated for the upgrades, would be spent.

A list of both primary and secondary considerations was handed out regarding the upgrades. The primary upgrades to the facility involve the minimum requirements necessary to convert the facility. The secondary upgrades are comprised of additional items that the City would like to change, but are not considered vital.

Primary upgrades include installing a high quality turf/grass surface, installing netting on the spectator side of the arena and a new heating system. Additional upgrades include purchasing a hard surface to fit over the grassed area so that the space can be used for other types of events like small concerts and trade shows.

Some of the secondary considerations include renovating the washrooms and bleachers to allow access for people with disabilities. It would also include upgrading the upstairs meeting room, the concession area and painting both the interior and exterior of the building.

Tenders for the project will be prepared in March and advertised in April. The City expects to award the tender in May, with construction taking place over the summer. The official re-opening of the arena would then be scheduled for October.