According to Environment Canada, the temperature in Fort St. John has dropped this morning to Minus 30.7 degrees.

That makes this the coldest February 28th on record, surpassing the previous 1979 record of Minus 30.5.

Meantime, for the second consecutive month the government weather bureau has also recorded local airport snowfall and precipitation totals, in excess of the monthly average.

It says 14.8 centimeters of snow fell on Saturday and Sunday, raising the February total to 30, and past the monthly norm of 28.3.

The weekend snowfall also resulted in 13.2 millimeters of precipitation, putting that monthly total at 29 point four, and well past the February average of 21.9.

For the year, the unofficial airport totals are now 89.1 centimeters of snow, and 88.3 millimeters of precipitation.

That easily exceeds the combined January-February averages, of only 60.5 centimeters and 47.9 millimeters.

Both 2011 two-month totals are also more than three and half times what the local area officially received in the first two months of last year.