Photo: At least three gas stations (the Esso and both Petro Canada stations) in Fort St. John have raised their prices by 13 cents a litre./Adam Reaburn


Update – As of 4pm almost every gas station in Fort St. John has a price of either 123.9 or 125.9.  Only two stations are still at 112.9, Safeway and the Mohawk.


Days after gas prices across Canada began to jump, some companies in Fort St. John just raised their prices by 13 cents a litre.

As of 12 p.m. Friday, Petro Canada and the Esso gas stations in town have raised their price to 125.9 per litre. There is no indication yet whether the other stations will be following suit.

This spike in prices comes even as the price of oil lost some ground, Thursday dropping 31 cents to close at $96.97 U.S. a barrel.

However, despite the increase in Fort St. John, prices in some other cities across the country are still higher.

According to, the highest gas prices in the province are in the lower mainland and are hovering around 128.2 a litre, with at least one station up as high as 130.2 in West Vancouver.

As well, Montreal is seeing its highest gas prices around the 133.9 per litre mark.