The Fort St. John RCMP are warning the public after two scams have been reported in the Fort St. John area.

One scam involved a local resident who was attempting to sell several items on The individual was contacted by email by someone who wished to purchase the items.

The person stated that he lived in Vancouver, however, was out of the country and would send a money order. The seller received the money order from Laurentian Bank of Canada, Branch 85 for $3,000. The seller is then instructed to cash the money order, pay for shipping and forward the remainder of the money.

As a result, the seller is left without their items, the payment for shipping and they are out the cash difference they sent.

This particular money order is fraudulent and the scam has been circulating throughout Canada for several years.

The second scam involves an email from a person claiming to be the Chief Auditor to the President of the Republic of Nigeria. The email claimed that the recipient was the beneficiary of an inheritance. The email stated the arrangements would be made to release the funds by sending your personal information, including a copy of your identification.

The public is reminded that if you receive a similar letter or email, do not give out your personal information as someone may use it to fraudulently obtain your identity.

If you’d like to find out more information about how to prevent these scams from happening to you, visit

If you come across similar scams, please report it to your local RCMP or Phone busters at 1-888-495-8501 or at