Photo:  In January 2011 City crews spent weeks clearing the snow after several big storms – Adam Reaburn/


A change in the snow removal process should mean Fort St. John’s streets are cleared more quickly than they were during the city’s last major snowfall.

The way snow removal has been operating in the city means certain areas and roads have been receiving a high level of service, whereas others have been receiving almost no service, says City Manager Dianne Hunter.

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Snow removal crews had been plowing city streets more slowly, using machines that did not leave windrows in front of resident’s driveways, however Hunter says the City received several complaints about that process.

She says many residents prefer to have their roads plowed more quickly even if it means having a small amount of snow left in front of their driveways.

The new service will incorporate a blend of the old service and the new removal process. She says the City will begin by quickly plowing its streets, leaving a windrow in front of people’s driveways. Then, as the weather begins to improve, she says crews will return to remove any leftover windrows.

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Hunter says the community needs to work together when there is a snowfall. She says the City has a responsibility to remove snow from city streets, but residents also have a responsibility to clear their own driveways and the sidewalks in front of their homes.