The BC Oil and Gas Commission and the B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU) have reached a tentative agreement.

Under Mandate 2010, the Government has been developing bargaining plans that do not call for wage increases, but allow for flexibility. The Mandate provides for a two-year term, no net increases in total compensation costs and compensation trade-offs.

The BC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC) is an independent regulatory agency with responsibilities for overseeing oil and gas operations, including exploration, development, pipeline transportation and reclamation. There are approximately 138 employees at the OGC that are covered by this two-
year agreement.

“The Oil and Gas Commission plays a vital role in the regulation of one of B.C.’s most important resource sectors – oil and gas,” said Steve Thomson, Minister of Natural Resource Operations. “All of us – industry and government alike – appreciate the dedication and commitment of the Oil and Gas Commission staff.”

Government has already announced its intention to control spending on wages during this round of bargaining. To protect jobs and preserve vital services British Columbians depend on, government has no funding for new wage increases as collective agreements are renewed.

There are approximately 306,000 unionized workers in occupations throughout B.C.’s public sector, the great majority of which have agreements that expired between March 31, 2010 and Dec. 31, 2010. More than two-thirds of those employees have now renegotiated, including agreements covering 99 per cent of health-care workers.

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