Construction of the new Fire Hall was another issue discussed at Monday’s City Council Meeting.

The issue saw that all tenders submitted for the Fire Hall Construction Project were more than $10 million budget set forth by the City.

Councilor Christensen elaborated on the issue.

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Although all submissions were over the designated budget, Yellow Ridge Construction exceeded the proposed budget by only $300,000. Even though this may seem like a lot of money, other construction companies quoted much higher than this amount, as some companies estimated a price $2 million more than the City’s budget.

Despite the new Fire Hall budget being non-negotiable, Council did pass a motion on Monday. This allows the City to begin discussions with Yellow Ridge Construction, regarding the construction phase of the Fire Hall Project.

The City will now attempt to sit down and design a building that provides all the necessities involved in a fully functional fire house and that also fits the designated budget.

Another issue discussed that can relate to Fort St. John fire fighting was the Charlie Lake Fire Hall Automatic Aid Agreement Request.

The Charlie Lake Volunteer Fire Department has been struggling for many months to maintain a daily response and is currently unable to do so. Fort St. John has been assisting them with this issue.

Fort St. Johns assistance has lead Charlie Lake to request a Mutual Aid Agreement between the two fire fighting departments. This is an agreement where one community looks after another community due to an inability to produce adequate services by ones self.

After some discussion, the recommendation was declined to enter an Automatic Aid with the Charlie Lake Fire Protection Society. The reasoning behind this decision was that Fort St. John did not have the $2,000 it would cost per response.