Photo:  The RCMP blocked off 100 avenue from 100 street to 102 street during their investigation – Adam Reaburn/


The RCMP have just released details about a collision involving a pedestrian on Wednesday night.

A pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle on 100th avenue in front of the Rising Spirit Youth Centre in Fort St. John.

Witnesses state the pedestrian, was crossing from the North side of 100th avenue without using a crosswalk. While crossing the west bound lanes of 100th ave., the male was almost hit by a vehicle. He then climbed over the snow pile in the middle of the road and jumped without looking and was struck by an east bound vehicle.

The pedestrian was thrown almost 6 feet from the point of impact. The driver remained on the scene to assist and helped provide first aid.

The pedestrian was treated for a broken leg and was later charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for “Failing to yield to a vehicle when not in a cross walk.”