Staffing costs could go up in 2011 at City Hall, after a presentation made Monday.

The 2011 Personnel Budget will be larger than last years, due to wage and benefit adjustments, staff additions as well as 2011 proposed changes.

The 2011 Proposed Personnel Budget is an estimated $15,945,902 compared to the 2010 personnel budget, which was $14,840,137. Wage and benefit adjustments were an additional $793,801, staff additions from 2010 added $281,326 in 2011 and changes presented Monday will add $30,638.

Specifically, the proposed changes will include the hiring of recreational attendants, which will add roughly $145,000 and the hiring of staff for the upcoming election. A municipal election will also add a cost of $5,500 in staff time. Those increases have been offset by a savings of $119,788 in staff who are on maternity leave and a position that has been eliminated.

Council will now decided if the proposed changes will be implemented into the 2011 operating budget.

Before 2011 concludes, a five year staffing plan is to be developed. Some factors being considered include sustainability, work plans, economic factors and succession planning.