Fort St. John’s Strategic Plan has been the focus of a review at Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

The Strategic Plan was developed in order to provide a “roadmap” in which to guide City Council and staff for the city’s development. The City says the plan assists in providing balanced and quality services, addressing emerging issues, responding to community events and managing limited resources.

Some key aspects assessed by councillors included determining ways to make the public more involved in various city decisions, being responsive to the public’s concerns and complaints as well as considering innovative ideas for the city.

The goals laid out in the Strategic Plan involve creating a vibrant and diversified economy, to facilitate and maintain a safe and healthy community and to implement planned and sustainable practices.

In order to create a vibrant and diversified economy, Council says it believes the city must retain local businesses and maintain the vitality of the downtown area. They also say they want to ensure citizens’ interests are effectively represented and promoted through political and economic methods.

The City says some of the actions it will take to facilitate and maintain a safe and healthy community include improving street lighting, reinstating the RCMP Bike Patrol Unit and updating traffic bylaws.

Councillors discussed how implementing planned and sustainable practices would have to include properly maintaining community infrastructure and meeting the needs of both current and future generations. Council also stressed the importance of preserving, protecting and enhancing the environment and ensuring that spending programs and tax policies are affordable and sustainable over time.

Council’s Strategic Plan outlines three methods that the City expects to follow to achieve its goals.

The first goal is ensure money is put towards the City’s top priorities. The City’s second outlined goal is to make sure staff create reasonable timelines for specific projects and the third is to continuously evaluate the City’s progress through annual reports.

The City also outlines its next step with regards to the Strategic Plan. The City says it plans to continue to review and update the plan throughout the next year to make sure community members are engaged and any actions the City takes are progressing in accordance with the Plan.