Photo:  This sculpture was created by Junichi Nakamura & Hiroshi Takahashi and won first place at the 2011 event – Adam Reaburn/


The Fort St. John Community Arts Council is pleased to announce the winners from the 7th Annual High On Ice Festival. Sculpting events took place by professional, amateur and intermediate carvers from Friday January 14 to Sunday January 16. After an exciting and dazzling display, winners were announced yesterday evening.

And the winners are…

Snow Sculpting

1st “Metamorphosis” Suzon Anne Trembley, Balbir Westaway
2nd “The World on Its Back” Ed Stanford, Eliza Stanford
3rd “The Cremation of Sam McGee” Emily Goodman, Samantha Butler, Patrick Corbitt, Victoria Butler
4th “The Tree of Life” Graham McBoubrey, Ayrilee Geddert, Dan Murray, Melissa Schreyer

Ice Carving Amateur

Honourable Mention “The Furies” Chantelle Bourgeau, Lara Sheldon-Kelly

Honourable Mention “Dole” Andrew Blaney, Charity Blaney
3rd “Joie de Vivre” Suzon Anne Trembley, Laurie Petrucci, Darcy Danczak
2nd “Arctech Ice Busters” Dave Diehl, Andrew Kovacs
1st “Meadowriver” Dave Lamothe, Angela Lamothe, Nathan Conkin, Sarah Conkin

Mayor Challenge

1st District of Chetwynd
2nd District of Taylor
3rd City of Fort St. John

Ice Carving Professional

Single Block:
1st Aaron Costic (Gold)
2nd Dean Murray (Silver)
3rd Chris Foltz (Bronze)
4th Mark Davis (Bronze)
5th Christopher Huessey (Bronze)

Team Multi Block – Realistic:
1st Junichi Nakamura & Hiroshi Takahashi (Gold)
2nd Dean Murray & Chris Foltz (Gold)
3rd David Ducharm & Jesse Forrester (Silver)
4th Darren Jackson & Stephanie Quayle (Silver)
5th Christopher Huessey & Nick Cassidy (Silver)

Team Multi Block – Abstract:
1st Aaron Costic & Sarah Costic (Gold)
2nd Mark Davis & Edwin Winslow (Silver)
3rd Takashi Ito & Keijiro Miyata (Silver)
4th John McKinnon & Denis Kleine (Silver)

Peoples Choice / Media Choice / Carvers Choice

All three categories won by Junichi Nakamura and Hiroshi Takahashi – by unanimous decision! 

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