Best of the Energetic City

Today the first ever Best of the Energetic City Awards launched on Facebook to recognize the great people and businesses of Fort St John. Between today and January 31 readers and fans of will be able to nominate their favourite business, non-profits or person in 30 different categories.

The nomination guidelines are as follows:
    •     “Like” the on Facebook in order to nominate.
    •    Post a comment below the photo with your nomination.
    •    You can nominate as many businesses/people as you wish.
    •    Be sure to be clear as to who you are nominating or it will not be counted.
    •    Only businesses/people related to the category they’re nominated in will be accepted.
    •    A business/person can be nominated in more than one category.
    •    Once a business/person is nominated once they will be counted.
    •    Yes, you can nominate yourself.
    •    Number of nominations for a business/person will not better their chances of winning.
If you’d like to boost those who you nominated you can leave a comment as to why you are nominating them. The nomination round will end at midnight on January 31, at which time the nominations will be taken down and compiled. Then early on February 7 the voting round will be launched, where fans of on Facebook will be able to vote for their favourites.

Get Started!

Head over to’s Facebook page and nominate your favourite business, non-profit and people of Fort St John.

If you have any questions about Best of please email