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UPDATE #2 – We have just received a further update from Caribou Road Services. The avalanche happened in the Link Creek area of the Pine Pass. In that area, the Ministry installed several Avalanche chutes to help direct the snow in case of an avalanche. Those chutes have overflowed onto Highway 97.

What happens next is Avalanche technicians will assess the slide at 8a.m. Monday morning.

Depending on what the technicians see, the road could be closed for several more days. Avalanche technicians may need to blast more snow off the mountain in order to prevent another avalanche or they could determine things are safe. Once the area has been declared safe, Caribou Road Services will begin clearing the avalanche from the Highway.

The next update will come Monday morning.


UPDATE – The Highway will be closed until at least tomorrow after an avalanche Sunday afternoon.  Caribou Road Services cannot clean up the avalanche until it has been assessed by Avalanche tehnicians.  Avalanche tech’s are currently on-route to the scene, but won’t be able to assess the avalanche until Monday.  We are unsure at this time when the Highway in that are will re-open.


We are getting early reports that there has been an avalanche in the Pine Pass approximately 70 from MacKenzie near Powder King.

The Highway has been closed.  We don’t know when the highway will re-open.

Once we get more information we will pass it along.  If you have any information, email