A Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce survey indicates that many business owners believe a two dollar increase in British Columbia’s minimum wage would have a nominal affect on their businesses.

At $8 an hour, B.C. currently has the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

The Chamber received 41 responses to its survey which gauged how a proposed minimum wage increase from $8 to $10 might affect the local business community.

In the survey, business owners were asked to disclose how many employees are being paid the minimum wage and whether business owners believed an increase would negatively or positively affect the business.

The Chamber found that 89 per cent of survey respondents say that an increase would not negatively affect their businesses, says Andrew Tylosky, the Chamber’s president.

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Conversely, Tyloksy says another 11 per cent of respondents believe there would be some affect.

He says he believes that an increase in minimum wage would probably have the biggest impact on the service industry. However he also says that all businesses could be affected somewhat by an increase, whether or not employees are currently paid minimum wage.

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Tylosky says the Chamber is encouraging business owners to discuss any potential impacts of a minimum wage increase with their financial advisors.

A list of other province’s and territory’s minimum wages is provided below:
Alberta $8.80
Manitoba $9.50
New Brunswick $9.00
Newfoundland $10.00
NWT $9.00
Nova Scotia $9.65
Nunavut $11.00
Ontario $10.25
PEI $9.00
Quebec $9.50
Saskatchewan $9.25
Yukon $8.93