Update – Statistical report shows good work by RCMP

Update – Attached at the bottom of the story is a copy of the full report presented. 


Monday’s City Council meeting included an annual RCMP statistical report.

The presentation held by Inspector Pat Egan, shared a variety of statistics related to crime rates in Fort St. John. The rates specifically showed difference in the amount of people charged and prosecuted from 2009 and 2010.

Multiple categories were displayed for those in attendance, some of which included property crimes, vehicle thefts, persons crimes, people booked in cells as well as motor vehicle related crimes. These categories all showed significant decreases with regards to charge and prosecution rates.

One area of crime that was focused on was CDSA or the Controlled Drug and Substance Abuse. This specific area showed the greatest increase in charge and prosecution rates, especially when dealing with cocaine trafficking charges.

Charges of cocaine trafficking increased by 52% from 2009 to 2010.

This increased rate can be attributed to a bigger focus by the RCMP on controlled drugs and substance abuse.

The increased rate of people charged and prosecuted shows that the new unit is making a strong impact in the community of Fort St. John.

Egan also compared crime rates of Fort St. John to similar communities in the province. Compared to Prince George and Dawson Creek, the City has a much higher charge and prosecution rate and its 112 case loads is the second highest in the province.

Inspector Egan attributes this to the City’s keen police officers, who are fully alert while patrolling the streets of Fort St. John.

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