Update – City Council looking to pave the way


Update – The City will hold a public meeting on the Capital Budget this coming Monday Jan. 17, from 5pm to 7pm in Council Chambers.


The Capital Budget was a hot topic at Monday’s City Council meeting.

What was specifically discussed was how the budget can be used in order to improve Fort St. John.

Different issues were discussed, including energy efficient street lights, more seating at the Pomeroy Sport Centre and even new fire trucks.

Although, one topic seemed to dominate the Council’s discussion, the paving of roads in and around the city of Fort St. John. A number of roads are still unpaved in Fort St. John and according to the City Council meeting, these areas are looking to be improved.

However, another area of concern with regards to paving is sidewalks. This year more emphasis is being placed on their completion.

Sidewalks in Fort St. John are being paved, as there has been a 3% increase of paved sidewalks since last year.

Unfortunately, this is quite a pricey process, as it costs roughly $100,000 a block, to pave a street. The high demand for paved roads is rapidly eating up the City’s already limited budget.

One area of major concern is paving sidewalks which allow children to access their schools. Safety is a major factor here, as children’s safety is a priority when considering these decisions.

Council put emphasis on paving sidewalks to C.M. Finch School, as this is an elementary school and therefore safety should be the highest priority.

Many ideas were discussed regarding future development for the City using its budget. One aspect of the discussion that all council members agreed on was safety. Any decision made with respect to the budget must somehow benefit the safety of the citizens of Fort St. John.

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