UPDATE Robert Herman, owner of Sterling Management, says an emergency water shut off was done late Thursday afternoon after a three-inch water main blew.

Herman says crews were working on the blowout until 1 a.m. Friday, but had problems finding the correct parts to fix the problem.  He also says residents were not immediately notified because workers had assumed the problem would be fixed before notices would be able to be sent out.  

The management company is expecting to have the water turned back on by mid-afternoon, Friday.


Residents of the Peace Country Trailer Park in Fort St. John are fuming after their water was turned off, apparently without any notice.

Many of the residents have been posting complaints on Facebook saying they were never informed that the water would be shut off. Some residents estimate the water has been shut off for nearly 24 hours.

Energeticcity.ca has been attempting to contact the Park’s management office about the shut off, but has not yet received a response.

If anyone has any further information about the water shutoff, please email contact@energeticcity-beta.mystagingwebsite.com or call 250-787-7100.