The gift of giving was evident this Christmas day.


The Salvation Army held its annual Christmas dinner on Dec.25, welcoming anyone who wished to attend, for a delicious and love filled meal. The festivities began at 11:45 a.m. and after a short prayer service, the meals began to hit the tables.

A full dining room, occupied by people in search of a good meal, good company and some holiday cheer were treated like royalty. As volunteers poured out of the kitchen, it was obvious they had only one thought in mind, to spread the holiday spirit to those in attendance.

The Volunteers worked feverishly, to make sure cups were always full, plates were never empty and that everyone was having a warm, tasty meal full of love and care.

Unlike regular days at the Salvation Army where people serve themselves, today was special. As visitors sat and relaxed, the meal was brought to them, with nothing but smiles and cheer brought along side the food.

The food itself was served hot and delicious which included all the important elements found in a traditional holiday meal. Juicy ham and turkey, mountains of mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and a tasty helping of mixed vegetables were happily offered to those in attendance. If one plate wasn’t enough, the wonderful volunteers made sure to let people know that seconds were only a request away. For dessert, cookies the size of plates themselves were served. If people were too full to enjoy the baked goods, they were simply wrapped up and handed out to be enjoyed for another time.

Even as people exited the event the gifts continued to be distributed. Upon leaving, people were given a neatly wrapped gift package. Just one last thoughtful gesture, with the intention of making the holidays a little bit more special of a time for those in need.

Status played no part in the event, as everyone who entered the dining room was treated the same, with love and respect. Whether attending in search of a hot meal, companionship for the holidays or in need of a loving smile, everyone received the same holiday joy necessary during this time of the year.

The Salvation Army’s annual dinner has been taking place for years, spreading the holiday spirit to those in need. It’s an event worthy of great admiration and will hopefully continue for many years to come.