When considering holiday gifts, think about giving one more present this year, to planet Earth.

By changing only few habits, it is easy to make the holidays more environmentally friendly, a cause which the Northern Environmental Action Team (NEAT) is attempting to preach.

NEAT stresses that one major factor in making the holidays more environmentally friendly is the use of gift wrapping. Wrapping paper is environmentally destructive due to the high level of material in the paper that is not recyclable.

Some alternatives to wrapping paper are the use of holiday gift bags, tin cans and brown paper, which is recyclable and just as easy to decorate.

NEAT also provided some interesting and creative alternatives to wrapping paper. For example, washing out a chip bag and turning it inside out. The shiny, silver interior provides a wonderful substitute to commercial gift wrap and is environmentally friendly.

One crucial way to lessen our impact on the Earth during the holidays is to use alternative light sources for people’s homes.

Tammy Hrab, communications co-ordinator for NEAT spoke on this issue.

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Another method to make the holidays greener is to consider the gifts themselves. Rather than giving materialistic presents, instead, NEAT promotes giving “gift experiences.” Concert tickets, trips and lift tickets for ski hills are only a few examples of this innovative idea.

The holidays are a time of fun and creativity. When planning your holidays, be creative and consider the environment. It will benefit everyone.