There will be no more meetings between city councillors and developers regarding the controversial development cost charges.

On Friday, Fort St. John city councillors met with several local developers to discuss their concerns regarding the implementation of DCCs in the city.

The meeting, classified by Mayor Bruce Lantz as a “meeting of the minds” between both sides, was scheduled so that developers were able to openly express their thoughts on the proposed charges.

Fifteen developers showed up at Friday’s meeting, which was a significant improvement from the originally scheduled meeting where very few attended. However, Lantz says the previous lack of attendance was due to confusion about the meeting’s start time and not a lack of interest.

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Despite their opposing views, Lantz says City Council understands developers’ concerns. From a business standpoint, he says Council realizes why developers are upset, which is why it is taking their concerns seriously.

Lantz says he felt the meeting was a success.

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Now that both meetings are complete, Lantz says City Council will take into account all the concerns raised and will work on a plan in which DCCs can be implemented by the City.