Developers may have to dig a little deeper into their pockets upon developing new sub-divisions.

According to a motion that is set to take action in the near future, development cost charges, or DCC’s, would be paid by the developing companies, rather than being subsidized by the local government and tax payers. Joel Short from Urban Systems says the idea can financially benefit a city.

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Such charges are new to the City of Fort St. John but have been implemented in many other cities across the country.

The City has already acknowledged that it can not afford to continue financing the full costs associated with new growth and development, nor should such a burden be placed on existing tax payers. This point was continuously brought up at Monday’s council meeting. The City stressed this point to local developers who were present at the meeting and opposed the new charges.

Although, once implemented, local developers will not immediately be burdened with the full cost of the new charges.

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The proposal of implementing development cost charges has been in the works for quite some time. Urban Systems first proposed the idea in 2008.

The charges are expected to be implemented in the city on Jan.1/2012.