Everything continues to go according to plan for local body builder Krista Cowie.


The Fort St. John resident was selected to represent Canada in the Arnold Amateur IFBB Championship in March 2011.

She received news of her acceptance to the competition after finishing fourth place in the open figure tall class at the 2010 Canadian Bikini, Figure and Fitness Championships & Junior, Master, Grand Master Bodybuilding Championships in August. She will continue to compete in that same class when she hits the stage at the Arnold Amateur Classic.

Although, according to Cowie, this tournament is not specific to body building.

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Cowie continues to train rigorously, following a strict workout and diet plan which she feels can provide her with the necessary qualities to take down her competitors. However, she says that training is not the only factor necessary for success.

Shocking as it may sound; body building can be an expensive sport for those involved. As a result, Krista is constantly seeking sponsors to help her with traveling and helpful tools to aid her in succeeding at competitions.

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Cowie’s desired goal is to acquire up to $4,000 in sponsorship “and any help is welcomed”.

Winning this tournament would be a huge step forward in Cowie’s body building career, as winners of this competition receive invitations to compete in other events such as the 2012 Arnold Classic, Ms. International, Figure International, Fitness International or Bikini International.

The names of her 10 competitors are to be released online in January.

For more information, you can contact her at Krista@bodyelite.ca