After October put a halt to a four month run of below average precipitation in the Fort St. John area, it looks like November will be become the eighth month of this drought year, to finish with a below normal total.

Unofficially through yesterday, we had recorded 14.9 millimeters, almost all of it from 14.2 centimeters of snow.

However, the November norms are 28.5 millimeters of precipitation and 30.3 centimters of snow.

While the forecast suggests we could get a few flurries tonight and tomorrow morning, it’s not suggesting anything close, to the amounts needed to reach those average totals.

So with October, March and May being the only above average precipitation months this year, it would appear we’ll head into December with an 11 month total, of less than 320 millimeters.

That means the year-to-date total would be less than 75 percent of the norm, for that period, which is 440 millimeters.