The City of Fort St. John will be expanding the hours of the Northern Vac Walking Track for a three week trial period.

Starting Nov. 22, the City will open the track starting at 6a.m. For public use. The City says a number of users have asked for the track to open one hour earlier, so patrons have additional time to visit the facility before going to work.

In the first month, 550 per day use the track with the highest usage happening between 4p.m. And 9p.m.

If residents use the track between 6a.m. and 7a.m. During the trial period, the City will continue to open the track at 6a.m. for the rest of the winter season.

The Northern Vac Track is free to use and is located in the Pomeroy Sport Centre. The City will be launching track programming to start Dec. 1, 2010.