There has been swift and overwhelming public support for the Brown family who lost their home to fire Thursday.

Early Thursday morning a fire started in the home of the Brown family on the 254 road near Mile 64 of the Alaska Highway. Since they live out of the fire protection area, their home was left to burn leaving 8 people homeless, including four children.

Thursday afternoon friends started to collect donations for the family who did not have insurance.

According to those collecting donations, the support has been overwhelming with countless people and businesses stepping up to show their support.

As of Saturday, you can now make a cash donation to the family online at a Facebook page listed below.

You can also make donations at several businesses that have donation jars around Fort St. John. For more information on how you can help, contact Jodi at 250-793-0150.

For other ways to help, you can also visit this Facebook page

If you know of any other fundraiser happening for the Brown family, please let us know so we can help promote those events.  Send us an email or call 250-787-7100.