Photo:  The RCMP, Fire Department and NP Search and Rescue all spent time Thursday searching for a missing teen – Andrew Tylosky/

 UPDATE  Police now tell the reason the two friends got stuck in the ravine was because they were snowmobiling.  The snowmobile got stuck because of a lack of snow and one of them went for help.


The Fort St. John RCMP has confirmed, an unidentified teenage male managed to escape last night from a ravine, near 87th street and the Alaska Highway.

Police say he was traveling with a friend, when he was trapped and unable to climb out of the ravine.

His friend then left the scene to summon help, and the City Fire Department, North Peace Search and Rescue, and a police service dog were deployed to assist with a search.

However, shortly after it began there was word the boy had found a way to free himself, and he was later located at home, uninjured.