Horacio Galanti at the summit of Mount Aconcaugua in Argentina-submitted photo

Fort St. John Director of Planning and Engineering Horacio Galanti will be climbing the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest.

Galanti, along with his wife Laura, will be making the climb in 2012. They are not just going to see the scenery, they also want to do some environmental cleanup along the way. They call the trip the “Eco Expedition to Mt. Everest” and they plan to hire sherpas to help haul 400 lbs. of garbage from the mountain along with 50 used oxygen tanks that have been left behind by past climbers.

Galanti is looking for sponsors to help fund the the trip and offers different levels of sponsorship available. He is looking for corporations to pick up the most significant portion of the costs, but interested parties can also make individual donations or sponsor pieces of equipment that Galanti will need to make the climb. There is a complete list of sponsorship packages on his website at www.ExtremeEverest8850.com.

Galanti estimates that the total cost of the trip will be approximately $150,000. The cost of the environmental cleanup alone will cost approximately $70,000 and it costs $10,000 just to receive a permit to allow him to climb the mountain.

Galanti and his wife have made multiple climbs over the past years to help prepare him for Mt. Everest. He has climbed mountains in Africa, Argentina and Russia to help prepare him to climb the world’s highest mountain.

Galanti estimates that the climb should take approximately two months.