The City will be holding an open house to discuss the proposed Development Cost Charge program.

The program is used to help cover the city’s future development. DCCs are used to cover the costs of infrastructure related to residential, commercial, and industrial growth. Karin Saxty from Urban Systems previously told that there is a provision in the Local Government Act that allows municipalities to collect these charges.

DCCs are generally used to pay for anything from transportation infrastructure and sanitary sewers to reservoirs, or parks. However, they can only be used for those items associated with future developments and not current infrastructure.

A charge would be levied on developers to help cover the cost of having to build new sewer systems or reservoirs, a cost which is currently incurred by the City.

The City has not yet released information on how much the charge would be to developers.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday at 8 p.m. at the Pomeroy Sport Centre.