Premier Gordon Campbell will be staying on as a MLA and will continue on as British Columbia’s premier until a new leader is elected by the party.

At a media conference on Thursday morning Campbell says his decision to resign as premier was not a result of pressure from the Liberal caucus. He says he has always felt supported by those members throughout his time as the party’s leader.

He also says while he was not overly concerned with his drop in popularity, when it became a major focus of the media and B.C. residents and eventually overshadowing the government’s initiatives, he made the decision to step down.

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Campbell did bring up what can be considered to be one of the major reasons why his popularity dropped so significantly and so quickly, the HST. He says he acknowledges the way the government implemented the HST was a mistake and should have been better explained to the general population.

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Campbell says he will continue to represent his constituents of the Vancouver-Point Grey riding.

However, he says part of his decision to resign as premier revolved around wanting to spend more time with his family which he hopes he will now be able to do.