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FSJ man accused in alleged gay bashing

Vancouver Police have recommended charges in an alleged “gay bashing” involving a Fort St. John man.

According to the Vancouver Police, the alleged assault took place in the early morning hours of Oct. 8, 2010. Shortly before 3am, Vancouver Police were called to a reported assault near the Tinseltown Mall in Vancouver. Two men were initially taken into custody at the scene but were released while the case was being investigated.

Following an extensive investigation, Police located one suspect in Fort St. John and the other in Port Moody.

In the event of convictions, police are also requesting that Crown Counsel assess the evidence that homophobic comments were allegedly made when determining if there is enough to support sentencing recommendations under hate crime provisions.

According to Xtra.ca, the victim alleges the two men called him a “faggot” and attacked him. One man grabbed him by his shirt pocket and started punching him in the face. A friend tried to intervene but was also allegedly attacked by the two men.
The men, a 22 year old from Port Moody and a 20 year old from Fort St. John, are not previously known to police. They have been released from custody on promises to appear in court.

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