‘Tis the season for ghosts and ghouls! But beware, with Halloween fast approaching the safety of your children should be foremost. Keep these useful safety tips in mind before heading out for your Halloween festivities.

Have fun but keep safe!

Around the house…

Jack a lanternMany people enjoy transforming their homes into eerie scenes. Be sure to keep the path leading up to your door free of obstacles for the little ones, especially those with masks and limited vision.

Keep pets indoors on Halloween to protect them from hazards and to protect ‘trick or treaters’.

Before you light those candles in your pumpkin, consider using safety glow sticks. Nothing says creepy like a glowing jack-o-lantern.


An adult with two kids in costumesIt is important to remember that when helping a child pick out a costume or when choosing one for the grownups, safety should be top of mind.

  • Wear a light-coloured or bright costume, reflective tape or arm bands to heighten visibility.
  • Wear a costume that is properly fitted to reduce the chance of tripping on it.
  • Select a costume that is constructed from flame-retardant materials.
  • Make sure your vision is not restricted. Consider completing your costume with make-up rather than masks. Masks may require that the eye-holes be cut larger for the sake of good peripheral vision.
  • Shoes should fit properly even if they do not go well with a costume.
  • If a child’s costume requires the use of props, such as a flexible-plastic sword, make sure the sharp tip is cut or filed round.
  • Glow sticks are also an excellent method to increase a child’s visibility. You might want to consider creating a fun necklace with string to ensure they will want to wear as part of their costumes.
  • Accessorize with a flashlight.

Talk about being ‘street smart’ before your children go out.

Before the kids hit the streets, it is important that parents be aware of the route that their children plan to follow.

If you are unable to take them out yourself, consider asking another parent, an older sibling or babysitter to do the honours for you.

Ensuring your child is wearing a watch also allows you to establish an agreed upon curfew.

Teach your children to recognize the places along his/her route where they can obtain help: Police Station, Fire Station or any other well indicated public place.

Stay on the sidewalks (If there is no sidewalk, walk on the left-hand side of the street facing traffic).

Don’t jaywalk.

Stop and check for cars before crossing the street.

Bring your treats home

Although tampering of loot is rare, remind children that they must have their candy inspected by their parents or guardian prior to eating them.


Please be aware that in many BC communities, the use of fireworks is strictly prohibited by law.

Each and every Hallowe’en, hospital emergency rooms prepare for an influx of children and adults with firework-associated injuries.

Parents are urged to be alert to the many dangers posed to young people who are allowed to use fireworks at Hallowe’en.

To summarize, make your ‘Trick or Treating’ fun and safe

  • Bring a flashlight;
  • Walk instead of running;
  • Do not cut across lawns or take short-cuts;
  • Take masks off when walking from one house to the next;
  • Do not go inside houses and do not get into vehicles;
  • Only visit houses that are lit;
  • Stay away from animals you are not familiar with; and
  • Vandalism is not just a ‘trick’ – it is against the law and has consequences.

Above all, have a safe and ghoulishly good Halloween!