Although there’s no sign of any local movement, the provincial and national average prices of gasoline continue to fall.

At last report this morning {Friday}, BC Gas had the provincial average down a full cent from last week, at a dollar 9.5 cents a litre.

It also had the national average at dollar 3.7, down six-tenths of cent from last week…and about two and half cents below the average posted two weeks ago, by Calgary-based MJ Ervin and Associates.

It’s 60 city survey price list includes Fort St. John, where the common posted price of a regular litre remains at a dollar 9.9 cents.

That is still 20 cents higher than this week’s, survey quoted price in Edmonton…the lowest in the country.

According BC Gas Prices dot-com, it is also 13 cents higher than today’s price in Enderby…the lowest price in the province.

On the other hand the local price, is also nearly 10 cents a liter less than the highest quoted price in the province…a dollar 19.3 cents a litre at a Shell station in West Vancouver.