Chicago premieres Friday

Photo: Part of the Chicago cast performs the hit song "Razzle Dazzle".Kimberley Molina

The Stage North Theatre Society gave a special sneak peak presentation, Thursday night, of their new musical Chicago.

The musical follows a somewhat promiscuous young woman called Roxie Hart (played by Krystal Roth) who ends up a killing a man who walks out on her. She quickly discovers, with the help of her money-loving lawyer (Greg Brumwell), that to get off a murder charge, it helps to have a sad story, such as having a baby while her husband (Paul Swartz) files for divorce.

It’s all about what makes an entertaining court case and what the papers can feed off of in this dramatic, yet funny musical.

Murder, sensationalism and show business are all themes that take the audience on a journey through 1920’s Chicago.

Chicago runs at the North Peace Cultural Centre Oct. 29 and 30 and Nov. 4 to 6.

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