The Movember campaign is officially set to kick off on Nov. 1 to help raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer.

With the month of November being officially proclaimed the month of ‘Movember’ by Fort St. John City Council, the campaign is picking up steam in the community. Campaign Chair Brent Hodson says that the proclamation made waves in the Movember National Campaign and was put on its website. This eventually lead to Vancouver City Council proclaiming November the month of ‘Movember’ as well.

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The Fort St. John Huskies are going to be getting into the act. All of the Huskies players have agreed to grow mustaches to become a part of the campaign. Hodson outlines how they will be involved.

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To officially end the month off, On Nov. 30, Egan’s Pub will be home to the Fort St. John Movember Party where they will present awards like the “Man of Movember”, “Miss Movember”, “Best Team Mo” and the “Lame Mo”. It will be a night to celebrate the great job everyone has done and to enjoy some live music from “The Suspicious” with prizes and more.

To register for the campaign visit for all the information. The Fort St. John Movember blog can be found at for any local events tied in with the campaign.