Video:  The Premier started his address by talking about the HST. 

Premier Gordon Campbell in a televised adress Wednesday, announced a 15 per cent reduction in personal income tax rates, for the first $72,000 of personal income for all
British Columbians.

According to the government, this is the second-largest personal income tax relief measure in B.C. history, ensuring B.C. individuals pay the lowest provincial income tax in Canada, on incomes up to $130,000.

Subject to legislative approval, the new 15 per cent rate reduction applies to earnings up to $72, 293, and is effective Jan. 1, 2011. That tax relief will save individual B.C. taxpayers up to $616 annually.

Premier Campbell also laid out three new steps the Province will take to enhance early childhood learning and ensure B.C. students are entering school ready to learn and meeting targets for reading, writing and math.

New education measures announced by the Premier are:

* Build an additional 100 StrongStart BC early learning centres, which provide
school- based early learning services for adults and their young children,
aged birth to five years, at no cost to families.
* Beginning next school year, the Province will conduct early childhood
learning assessments for every five-year-old child entering Kindergarten to
tailor educational programs to meet their learning needs.
* A commitment to ensure that, within the next five years, every child that
graduates from Grade 4 in B.C. will be reading, writing and doing math at a
Grade 4 level.

The premier has been battered in the polls, with his government’s popularity dropping into the single digits, and he began his address by explaining in detail why his government chose to introduce the much-hated HST.

Click here to watch the entire address from the Premier of British Columbia.