The first snowfall is a reminder for drivers to take extra care-Matthew Lago

With the first snowfall now upon us, Fort St. RCMP would like to remind drivers to take proper precautions when driving in winter conditions.

Sgt. Steve Perret says that one of the main causes of accidents in the winter is drivers not having proper tires for their vehicles. According to Sgt. Perret drivers should invest in proper winter tires or at the very least ensure that their all season tires have adequate tread.

There has already been one accident in Fort St. John Friday. Sgt. Perret says the accident could likely have been prevented if the driver had better tires. According to Sgt. Perret the tires on the car in the collision were almost completely bald. Luckily, he says no one was hurt in the collision.

Sgt. Perret also indicated that drivers should allow themselves adequate time to get where they need to go and realize that it will take other vehicles longer to stop and get going in snowy conditions.

Perret also addressed the use of handheld electronic devices while driving. He says that there have been approximately 200 tickets in the area given for that infraction since the law came into effect in February. In Fort St. John, the municipal traffic section has issued approximately 80. Sgt. Perret believes this a just a small fraction of the people that use their cellphones while driving. He says that it is a real problem in the city and notes that it is very difficult to detect.

Sgt. Perret warned motorists how important this issue is,and that taking the neccessary precautions when driving in the winter could be a case of life and death.

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With snow expected over the next few days, please take extra care while driving.