Prince George hospital to get ER funding


The Province has announced funding boosts for 15 hospitals with the busiest emergency rooms across B.C.

In the North, the Prince George Regional Hospital is expected to receive $261,000 out of a total $21,990,000 being given to hospitals to decrease patient wait times and cut down on the overcrowding of some emergency departments.

Officials say the 15 hospitals receiving the funding account for 44 per cent of all emergency room visits in B.C.

However, they also say that the amounts given to each hospital could change depending on the hospital’s ability to meet national wait time standards.

Each hospital is measured on the number of patients that are actually admitted to the hospital within 10 hours. Furthermore, hospitals are measured on the number of patients discharged from the emergency department within four hours for patients with complex health issues or two hours for patients with lesser health problems.

Some of the other hospitals receiving funding are Vancouver General, Abbotsford Regional General Hospital and Kelowna General Hospital.

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