Jordan Anthony Ramos to stay in jail while awaiting trial


Jordan Anthony Ramos will not seek bail and will stay in prison while awaiting trial.

Ramos is charged with nine offences in connection to a violent assault that occurred at the Beatton River Campground on July 25. They include four counts of Assault with a Weapon, single counts of Assault and Robbery, two counts of Possession of a weapon for a Dangerous Purpose and one count of Possessing a Firearm while Prohibited.

Ramos is intending to plead not guilty to all charges and continue to trial. The crown and the defense both estimate that a trial would take approximately 12 days.

The judge also extended Ramos’ non-contact order until Oct. 27. There are 30 names on the non-contact order of which Ramos is seeking to have a number of the names removed from the list. Ramos’ lawyer will seek to have this dealt with at the Oct. 27 hearing.


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