Fundraiser bringing new kitchen to school

Photo: Students at Charlie Lake Elementary paint tiles for a fundraiser to help construct a new, larger kitchen at their school./Erika Lange

A fundraising effort is underway to raise money for a new kitchen for Charlie Lake Elementary School.

The current kitchen is about the size of a closet which only fits about two people comfortably says Kimberly Shaw, chairperson for the Parent Advisory Committee at Charlie Lake Elementary. She says the size makes it difficult for the large number of people who are often in and out of the kitchen preparing hot lunches.

Students at the school have painted tiles which were then each sold for $25, raising around $500 towards the project.

The new kitchen is expected to cost approximately $35,000 for all the construction materials and appliances.

She says instead of building an addition on to the school, the new kitchen will be built on the school’s stage – which is not used very often – making good use of the space.

In addition to selling the painted tiles, Shaw says the Council has been holding various fundraising events such as an art fair and a chocolate drive. She also says they are trying to obtain corporate donations to help offset some of the project’s costs.

The kitchen is expected to be completed by the beginning of the summer and should be in full use for the following school year.

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