Campbell talks HST and Site C

Video:  Thanks to Motion Media, you can watch the entire interview with Premier Campbell.


In an Issues and Answers appearance this morning Premier Gordon Campbell gave detailed government answers to questions about two controversial issues.

While his visit to Fort St. John is focussed on the official openings of the Northeast BC Energy Conference and the Enerplex, the conversation this morning was focussed on the Site C dam, and the Harmonized Sales Tax.


Mr. Campbell reiterated his position, that the third dam on the Peace River is the key to addressing the province’s current energy needs…

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As for the HST he again conceded his government did a poor job of rolling it out, but he again put forward what he sees as the tax benefits…

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That noted he committed his government to the results of next September’s referendum on the tax, and he rejected suggestions that not holding it until then, has resulted in unwanted economic uncertainty…

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The Premier concluded the interview by again suggesting his government is committed to more Northeast transportation investment, and said it will go beyond accessing resources, to improving connections between local area communities.

To listen to the entire interview, click here


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