New glass pulverizer in Peace River

A new glass pulverizer has arrived in the Peace River Region and is ready to start crushing the region’s waste glass.


Glass container recycling was reintroduced into the Peace River Recycling Depot’s recycling stream in April of 2010. Up until this time it has been stockpiling glass waiting for the new pulverizer to arrive.

The new equipment provides a solution to a problem that plagues many Canadian municipalities. Many look at glass as a nuisance product that has a little market value and is costly to ship to smelters. Due to this, much of the glass that is collected ends up in landfills.

The new glass pulverizer crushes glass to the consistency of sand or gravel with no sharp edges. The end product can be used for sandblasters, sand bags, ice control, decorative products, pipe drainage and as a gravel replacement.

It is the goal of the region to keep as much material out of landfills as possible and the new glass pulverizer will aid in that goal. Residents interested in using recycled glass for a project can call the Eco-Depot at 250-785-0300.


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