3-D cinema comes to Fort St. John


The Aurora Cinema Centre in Fort St. John will soon be showing films in 3-D.

According to Aurora operators Landmark Cinemas "Digital 3-D cinema is the most immersive, intense, and entertaining movie going experience that the cinema industry has to offer" and they are proud to bring the experience to Fort St. John.

The first film being showed in 3-D for the public will be a re-release of the film "Avatar" with the debut being held on Friday, Oct. 8. One theatre within the cinema will be showing 3-D movies with a $3.50 surcharge for the experience. 3-D glasses will be provided by the cinema which can be taken home by patrons or given back to the theatre where they will be sanitized and recycled for use in another movie.

According to the cinema these are not your cardboard 3-D style glasses of old, but rather they resemble black rimmed sunglasses for enhanced viewing pleasure.



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